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'Lingerie' term in the French language applies to all undergarments for either gender. In English it is applied specifically to those undergarments designed to be visually appealing or erotic. Lingerie are fashionable and possibly alluring undergarments. Lingerie usually incorporates one or more flexible, stretchy materials like Lycra, nylon (nylon tricot), polyester, satin, lace, silk and sheer fabric which are not typically used in more functional, basic cotton undergarments. If You are looking forward to buy lingerie online and would like to save, discount lingerie is what you need.

Types Of Lingerie:

  • Babydoll, a short nightgown, or negligee intended as nightwear for women.
  • Basque, a tight, form-fitting bodice or coat
  • Bikini - typically a women's two-piece swimsuit. One part of the attire covers the breasts and the other part covers the groin and part of or the entire buttocks, leaving an uncovered area between the two.
  • Bloomers, underpants with short legs.
  • Bodystocking, is a one-piece article of lingerie that covers the torso, legs and sometimes the arms of the wearer.
  • Bodysuit, a leotard-like undergarment, usually skintight or formfitting.
  • Bodice, covers the body from the neck to the waist.
  • Boy shorts, a style of panties, so named for their resemblance to male shorts.
  • Bustier, is a form-fitting garment for women, which is traditionally worn as lingerie. Its primary purpose is to push up the bust by tightening against the upper midriff and forcing the breasts up, while gently shaping the waist.
  • Camisole, sleeveless and covering the top part of the body
  • Cami shorts
  • Cheeky, exposes the bottom part of the buttocks
  • Chemise, a one-piece undergarment that is the same in shape as a straight-hanging sleeveless dress. It is similar to the babydoll, but it is fitted more closely around the hips.
  • Corset by bone, a bodice worn to mold and shape the torso.
  • Corselet, or merry widow, combined brassiere and girdle
  • French maid, a form of ladies' fantasywear
  • G-string, or thong, a narrow piece of cloth passes between the buttocks, and is attached to a band around the hips, worn as a bikini bottom or as underwear by both men and women.
  • Garter/Garter belt/Suspender belt (British), used to keep stockings up
  • Girdle, resembles a tight pair of athletic shorts
  • Hosiery, close-fitting, elastic garments that cover the feet and legs.
  • Jersey nightshirt, a long, loose T-shirt made of cotton, polyester, nylon, or diaphanous chiffon that can be worn like a babydoll.
  • Nightgown, or nightie, a loosely hanging item of nightwear, may vary from hip-length (babydoll) to floor-length (peignoir).
  • Nightshirt is a garment intended for wear while sleeping. It is somewhat longer than most regular shirts, reaching down to the thighs or below the knees, leaving some of the legs uncovered. It is generally loose-fitting to avoid restricting the wearer's movement while sleeping.
  • Panties, underwear that come in all shapes, fabrics and colors, allowing you to have lots of coverage or barely any coverage at all.
  • Peignoir is a long outer garment for women which is frequently sheer and made of chiffon or other translucent fabrics.
  • Petticoat is an article of clothing for women; specifically an undergarment to be worn under a skirt or a dress. The petticoat is a separate garment hanging from the waist (unlike the chemise).
  • Robe is a loose-fitting outer garment. A robe is distinguished from a cape or cloak by the fact that it usually has sleeves.
  • Slip (Full slip and half slip/underskirt)
  • Spanky-pants, or Spankies, color-coordinated underpants worn by cheerleaders.
  • Stockings is a close-fitting, variously elastic garment covering the foot and lower part of the leg. Stockings vary in color, design and transparency.
  • Tanga briefs are minimal to medium in shape depending on their brand. The tanga brief covers both front and back with triangular pieces of material joined with a narrow elastic waistband. They cover the rear, unlike thongs or g-strings. Tanga briefs have wider sides than the string bikini, usually made out of elastic around 1/2" to 2" (1cm-5cm) wide.
  • Tap pants are a form of lingerie worn mostly by women. It is also known by the names of French knickers, side-cut shorts, and dance shorts. As the name implies, they are a type of shorts, in that they cover the pelvic area and the upper part of the upper legs.
  • Teddy, an undergarment that resembles the shape of a one-piece bathing suit because it is typically sleeveless, and sometimes even strapless.
  • Unitard, is a skin-tight one-piece garment with long legs and sometimes long sleeves. It differs from a leotard in that a leotard does not have long legs. The garment can be considered to be a combination of a leotard and tights.